Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Growing Power...

We...the daughter and i had a fantastic trip to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to visit Growing Power
Going through PA, OH (daughter slept through the entire state..) IN,IL then finally Wisconsin!
We got there in about 16 hours and we were just bone tired...well actually butt tired...

The next morning we started with delicious muffins and good strong hot coffee..that's the "podium" there in the top right picture...and check out all the wood chips...

Will Allen opened the session with a virtual tour and an introduction to the 7 workshops.
Now this did irked me a tad as i could only attend 2 over the course of the weekend... but having kid 1 and kid 2..we divided and conquerd!

Theme of the weekend would best be discribed as... Develop Relationships...with other farmers, politicians, community..etc. This will all be very interesting as we develop our new relationships with our fellow community and our future sucess depends on growing these relationships.

Over the coming years it is our hope that this will be a blue print for other organic farmers throughout this region to be sucessful and have an impact on getting not only food but change to their communities.

Some of the Highlights of the opening:
and as the days progress i will address all these.

  • social justice-everyone has access to food..

  • growing phenomena-organics and small farms

  • food connects all

  • we can control and change the system food is provided

  • grow new soil

  • Grow local-1 percent of food supplies in Cities is grown locally with the rest being shipped in from up to and over 1,500 miles away!

  • Grow Food...Grow Jobs...Grow $

  • His 7 "P's"

  • Stable development techniques.

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