Friday, December 31, 2010

In a few hours it will be 1.1.11....

So this begins where the year ends.
this is the young man who has inspired so much of what we are doing now.

He has left us but he continues to inspire us.
This year is for the start of new and wondrous things.

This is the year...we break the rules.
This is the year we put down a foundation that will hold generations to build upon.

We miss this wonderful soul. He was an Artist, Philosopher, Adventurer, and the kindest fellow you would ever want to know.

With this in mind...we build our future. Education, teaching, outreach, fellowship..returning to the basics of things that have always worked. Most of all to inspire...NO! way more than that, a commercial from Hallmark can do that...the art of inspirering others to do more than they ever expected. To making life abundant for that was the whole point of things you know...not just a man living..but providing inspiration for others to live.

As this wonderful gift of a child has done for us, but also that once in a lifetime life that was given up for us by His own free will...Jesus that we could live without sin, guilt, shame or condemnation.

We live for giving, we live to receive, we live to make sure all of those things roll along...for our kids, friends and family...we roll along...sometimes that road is rocks in a brook...but the water just rises to meet the obsticle...but without bumps really life would be boring.

lets eat at the big kids table...learn how to make things better for the next generation, but lets get going...the economy sucks...our food is being poisoned...ignorance and fear are the mantras of the day...lets wake a few up...

..One Man Awake

One man awake awakens another,
The second man wakens his next door neighbor,

And three awake can rouse the town,
and turn the whole place upside down.

And many awake can raise such a fuss,
That it finally awakens the rest of us.

One man up with dawn in his eyes - multiplies.

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