Sunday, October 17, 2010

The start...

The start...

we want to make compelling things...that will compel others to grow.

mentally, spiritually and physically...

to become whole persons ready to play, love and live life to its banquet sized table of delights.

The goal here is to begin explaining the genesis of our farm.

Why it started.

How it started.

When it started.

What it is.

Who we are.

So this will be a rambling beginning as we post things that got us started.

Youtube Videos, articles, websites, books...but most of all those who inspired us.

Mostly this is started so we can keep a historical record of what started the embers of the fire we wish to start for change.

we want to do a great deal...we have 15 acres at the base of a mountain with a river that ends our property. we have a big ol' barn, chicken coops, cleared and uncleared land, wet lands and a real honest to goodness bunch of old restored coal trains that run through..

we have a blank slate to build a community of organic, aquphonic, artisans, crafters, musicians, writers and most importantly a healing place that we believe will be the beginnings of changes for generations to come.

so here we will post the things that inspired us along that road.

we will explain why this will be a start for a new way of life for our kids...

so hold on to your hats...its going to be as fun as Mr. Toads wild ride.

so lets start with composting...

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  1. thanks for letting me be a part of this new adventure.